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A Great Team During Unstable Condition

Oleh: Reni Anggraeni, S.S

Kbmjj is known as distance learning has become familiar recently. Since it has been informed that we have to stay at home for our safety. Teachers and parents cooperate to make the learning process at home. Not only teachers and also parents are busy designing the process as good as possible. This is a very unforgettable moment when parents are being forced to get involved directly in their children’s learning activities. Parents have to keep their eyes on a daily learning schedule. Neither the material nor the activity of their children. While teachers are preoccupied with pilling up teaching assignments. The task seems switched among them.

Time passes as we finally get used to enjoying this condition. Teachers begin to prepare everything with enthusiasm. They started becoming a producer, director, or even an artist to produce fun learning activity in a moment, where parents will also be busy preparing needs outside of learning. They have to think hard of comfort while studying too. So they can stick together to run the process well.

We have been facing this for about six months already. Some of the unpredictable issues started annoying us. Teachers are busy preparing various things related to learning. Besides the material, they also have to think hard about media and fun learning methods. This makes them ignore everything around their home. The days are like a shadow always follows us step forward faster. Parents start complaining about the additional task they get, and the time which should be finished by their children in a long duration in front of the device. Children started complaining of plenty of  tasks are given.  It seems everything does not run smoothly, some problems begin to emerge,  unstable internet network raises interfering with the learning process too. The condition begins uncontrolled. Up and down issues are not be predicted. This pandemic offers us many lessons. The condition changes our life habits. The relation between parents and teachers becomes close. Teachers and parents are a great team now as a teacher. We can walk together to run the strategies of our future goal to successful students. Because as a teacher, we have to be a specialist as well as a generalist. We are required to know all about the material, and we do need to be familiar with a lot. A teacher needs to guide students in asking  specific questions and not be so concerned with the one right answer. A teacher needs to be able to handle challenging students and to challenge students all at the same time. Being a teacher is so much more involved than just the physical act of teaching. Being a teacher means being involved as a learner. Being a teacher means being a life-long learner and a curious soul. That’s why being a team, we have to get involved not only in teaching but also in understanding how to run this label well.

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