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English Pin Produces International School

By: Mochammad Sayyidatthohirin, S.Pd

Teacher of An Nahl Primary Islamic School, Awarded of API (Appreciation of Islamic Education) as The Most Active Writer of Islamic Student University by Religion Ministry Affairs in 2015

Today, everyone has realized, English becomes International language. We can see the evidence as like in some electronic tools. Most of the instructions use English. That’s way, English becomes very important to understand and learn for us, especially in education institution. It does not except An Nahl Islamic School, as one of bilingual schools in Cibubur, Bogor. Beside it improves teaching tahfidz intensively, it also tries to improve English skill of the teachers and students.

Since An Nahl was built up to now, the principle always tries to upgrade it more and more. It always tries to reach one step go ahead regularly. It improves in many things from being simple school ‘till now bilingual school. Besides, it now has 3 units, Kindergarten, Primary, and Secondary. It does not want to get in behind.

To support An Nahl becomes International School, the principle is being focus on improving English. Of course it needs a big, professional, and brilliant effort. It also needs high support from everyone, especially teachers and students. One of the efforts to make An Nahl becomes International school is through English pin.

It means, English pin is the identity for teachers and students who want to learn and practice English wherever and whenever they are, at least at An Nahl environment. They have to use it. In Addition, An Nahl also facilitates English training regularly for all of the teachers. It is also to support English habit around An Nahl.

They have to speak English to everyone especially whom use English pin. It is a real effort of the principle to make English as a habit in An Nahl environment as daily language communication.

Actually, it is the implementation of Krashen (1983) theory about acquisition as process of studying language. It is a process of learning a language naturally from direct experience in communication by using that language. In this context, An Nahl implements that theory in English language.

In fact, it has many benefits. It can remind regularly, naturally, and intensively everytime and everywhere to An Nahl teachers and students, especially for whom use English pin. Besides, it supports to whom do not English pin yet. By knowing some teachers and students use English pin, some others want to get it too. And the requirement is by practicing English as often as possible around An Nahl.

Accordingly, English pin becomes parameter and stimulation for improving English habit in Nahl Islamic School. By using it consistently, hoped English can be real daily language communication in An Nahl. If so, it will be International school. Wallahu a’lam bi al-showab.

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