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Learning Together to Improve English Competence


Lukman Hakim, S.Pd.

A good teacher is a teacher who does not feel that he is smart, It means that the teacher always wants to develop his knowledge and always learn to improve his skills and abilities. Learning is learners’ and educators’responsibility.

As teachers, They do not only transfer knowledge to students, but also should be able to develop themselves. They always learn more by reading books, organization and training at school or agencies.

A teacher certainly has a significant role in the success of students when studying. Teachers are wished to have skills, knowledge, being motivator, and mentor as a source of students to obtain knowledge.

Accordingly, on February 24th, 2017. An Nahl Islamic school invited ESL team (English for Second Language) to provide English language training to teachers of kindergarten, primary and secondary students about how to implement appropriate methods and techniques in handling the children, either using a “simple direction, games etc.

The training was handled by Mrs. Ayuningtyas Almaratusholihah and Chairul Qisti It began at 01.00 p.m  until 04.00 p.m. It was attended by teachers of An Nahl Islamic School. It gave positive impact for teachers. It can be known when one of the kindergarten teacher Mrs. Rani said that the training was very good, we got new methods that makes learners more active in teaching  learning activity.

Likewise what the English teacher of secondary. Mr. Harini said. “Training from Essentials was very insightful. I definitely gained a lot of new ideas for teaching method. At first, I didn’t know that ESL would use different methods of teaching, but technically it was very different. Being consistent is needed to bring out the kids potency in English, for them to speak up more. I believe that this is a good supplementary program. If we conduct this, alongside with the English subject from diknas, insya Allah our students will have good proficiency in English for both theory and pratice.

Hopefully the teachers’ skills, knowledge or competence  will grow to become a motivation  for the progress of learners in the future.

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