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Student Presentation at An Nahl Islamic School

Oleh: Reni Anggraeni, S.S (SMP An Nahl Islamic School)

Student presentation is one of the annual activities at An Nahl Islamic School. Students are required to present the PowerPoint (PPT) or Flyer After completing Tasks; 20 hours Taking care of my Family obliged for students in the seventh grade and An Nahl Social Alert for the eighth-grader. 20 hours taking care of my family is a program that trained the students to be more disciplined and most importantly showing care towards our beloved family. This slide tells about many kinds of activities which have been done for the family; starting from daily chores from simple to hard. It must be counted as 20 hours for the minimum count recap. While An Nahl Social Alert made for the planning of future charity and written in flyer. Hopefully it will be continued in the future life.

Presentation is a medium for students to share with others what they have done with family or society. It is also an opportunity to challenge and extend their understanding of help. Student presentation can be the very best way for students practicing on how they speak in front of the audience, the student will learn how to prepare the slide and the suitable material with the topic. In this activity, They also learn how to be confident in presenting the PPT which is this skill that will be needed in the world of work. We find that students who are good presenters are better communicators all around since they can structure and express their ideas clearly.

This year, student presentation alhamdulillah had already been held on 7th, 8th, and 9th April 2021 via platform zoom meeting. We divided the student’s performance into three days to give the parent’s opportunity in assessing student competency in public speaking.

The students had prepared the PPT one month in advance. They make them based on the action that has already been done to family and society. In Presentation, Students are extremely planning a presentation slides and flyer concept. They outlined this:

  • Students made a transcript or outline of the presentation
  • Students identify key stages of the example presentation – greeting, introduction, al-Qur’an recitation main points of presentation in order of importance, Q & A, and conclusion.

It is also important that as teachers we think clearly about why we are asking students to present. Presentations normally have one or more of the following aims:

  • To inform/ raise awareness of an important issue
  • To persuade people to do something
  • To form part of an exam, demonstrating public speaking competency/presentation skills in a first or second language
  • Require students on How they will make the presentation more interesting / classroom management.

The parent and teacher need to be careful to consider the assessment criteria so that s/he can give meaningful feedback. They usually run through a checklist or assessment record.

Finally, the winners among the students of each grade are determined. They are:

  1. Said Al Faiz Rumi (7A)
  2. Naavayska Salvarethya (7B)
  3. Aqila Medina Candra (8A)
  4. Aisha Al Haura (8B)

From those four winners are taken two students for being nominated as the best presenter. They are:

  1. Said Al Faiz Rumi (7A) for Ikhwan
  2. Aisha Al Haura (8B) for akhwat

Alhamdulillah, it had been announced on Wednesday, 28th April 2021 in the Ifthor Jama’s event.

Finally, here are our memorable photos:


Hopefully, may this activity makes them being good self-confidence and full of advantages for getting new knowledge. Thank you very much for reading. I do apologize for any mistakes.

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