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To be inspiring Second Parents

Written by Mr. Awang Darmawan

As we know that a teacher is the second parent for the students , the function as real parents at home is replaced by teacher at school, a teacher becomes a figure or role model that the students will imitate or follow what the teachers say or do, not only in academic matter but also the character, becoming the successful teachers that are always missed by their students is the main goal that every teachers have so we must think how to realize it.

There are two kind of teachers in our life, curriculum teacher and inspiring teacher, may be there is a big question what are they like ? Curriculum teacher is a teacher that always only obey to the curriculum and will feel guilty if they can’t teach all contents of the book, they just teach something standard ( habitual thinking ). In other side, an inspiring teacher not chasing the curriculum but asking their students to think creatively ( Maximum thinking ), they ask the student to see something from outside ( thinking out of the box), changing from inside, and then bring it to the wide society. If the curriculum teacher will create the reliable managers, the inspiring teacher will create visionary leaders that will be brave to break the old habits.

We need and integrate both of them, the role of curriculum teacher will keep the internal encouragement whereas the inspiring teacher will master the eksternal encouragement to explore the knowledge , unfortunately most of the school just give the space only for curriculum teacher, in fact the existence of inspiring teacher will decide how long our country will pass the crisis. More limitation for inspiring teacher , more time we need to release the darkness.

Now, it’s time for us as a second parent to create a breakthrough, to fix something to be better and connecting the unconnected, it means we can’t quit to see the next generation just obey the curriculum, good in academic matter but they don’t have good character and blind to the fact of external problem that is used for them to learn how to solve it. Those are our big homeworks, choice is yours !

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